Place for creative people

In eight months, we created an empowering platform connecting the local design scene for growth and mentorship.

Our Story

Designdicate was born in November of last year when our first event sparked the idea of creating a unique community for design professionals.

Five seasoned veterans in the field of design founded Designdicate, all with a shared vision of supporting and inspiring their peers. 

What pledges have we made?

To be a source of knowledge, advice, and mentorship for all design professionals and enthusiasts.

We are committed to fostering an empowering, diverse, and community-oriented experience that champions personal growth and the sharing of ideas.

With us, you'll have access to experienced professionals in various design and product development spheres, ensuring that every interaction enriches your understanding and skills in the field.


Our mission is to empower and expand a diverse community of digital product professionals. We aim to inspire creativity, personal growth, and passionate dialogue through shared knowledge and experiences.

We strive to connect the local industry landscape, conducting regular meet-ups, boot camps, and crash courses to continuously elevate industry standards. Our commitment lies in fostering a supportive and productive environment, akin to a family, where freedom, responsibility, and ambition thrive.


Our vision is to be a leading hub for professionals in the digital product industry, driving innovation and trends through the sharing of diverse ideas and experiences. We aspire to build a larger community that hosts regular events to facilitate learning and networking.

We envision a world where every community member feels valued, inspired, and equipped to exceed their own expectations, continually pushing the boundaries of personal and professional growth.

How we speak


Our voice aims to motivate and uplift, fostering a sense of ambition and a relentless will to act. We encourage our community members to seek fresh challenges and expand their horizons constantly.


Our tone is welcoming and respectful, reflecting our commitment to diversity. We strive to make everyone feel valued, regardless of their background and ensure that their ideas are heard and considered.


We maintain an open, friendly, and conversational tone, emphasizing our belief in treating colleagues like friends and family. This helps us create a supportive, productive, enjoyable work environment where creativity and happiness thrive.

Our Attributes


Our brand inspires and enables individuals in the digital product industry to surpass their expectations, continuously push their boundaries, and achieve personal and professional growth.


We pride ourselves on championing diversity, creating a space where various personalities, strengths, ideas, and cultural backgrounds converge to foster a rich discourse and varied perspectives.


We are dedicated to building and expanding a supportive and productive community akin to a family, where members can share knowledge and experiences and participate in regular events like meetups, boot camps, and crash courses.

Let’s check our values


By showcasing determination, inspiring through encouragement, and permitting room for error, we stimulate our colleagues to surpass their own expectations.


We invite and embrace diverse personalities, strengths, ideas, and cultural backgrounds to foster a rich discourse and varied perspectives.


In the face of adversity, we act with tenacity, acknowledging our actions and delivering exceptional results in all we do.

Pursue personal growth

We are constantly seeking fresh challenges, pushing our own limits, and expanding our perspectives.


Our pursuit of remarkable accomplishments is driven by passion and a relentless will to act.

Harness your freedom

We cherish a work culture that fosters flexibility, creativity, and happiness.