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What would Design be without events? Awards, fairs, exhibitions, design weeks, are a unique opportunity for promotion and networking. Now we can travel and start going to physical design conferences again. Hooray!



Config 2024
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Friends of Figma Bosnia

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Unbox urself - Mostar

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The course is divided into six main blocks, from the basics of design and problem research, through the definition and design of the solution and its proper implementation and monitoring of metrics, and a block dedicated to personal development.

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Looking to master the art of digital product design? Our online course offers a comprehensive curriculum, with 173 engaging lessons divided into six segments that cover every aspect of the digital product design process.

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Don't miss out on this opportunity to develop your skills in design and problem-solving. Our comprehensive bootcamp is now accepting applications for participants who are eager to learn and grow.

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A group of passionate authors with the desire to create a community of people from the industry whose goal is to connect the local scene to better inform about current trends in digital products but also to share personal experiences.
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In Bosnia and Herzegovina, there is a vibrant community of like-minded populists without a central hub to exchange their valuable industry insights and experiences.

It's like having the foundation of a house but lacking the structure to bring it all together and unleash their collective knowledge.
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